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Lost and Found, Chapters 1 & 2
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Chapter 1


"Let's go Rockets, let's go," I chanted. If the Rockets won, they would clinch a spot in the championship!

The score was 102-99, in favor of the Townsend Spartans.

My voice was hoarse and my head ached. Everyone in the gym was screaming at the top of their lungs.

I looked around at all the people in the gym. There were two men across from me in the gym. They were wearing black, which was quite a contrast next to the brightly dressed fans that filled the gym. I shrugged. It was probably no big deal. Lots of people wear black. I turned back to the game. I heard a loud cheer from the Rockets fans. Tyler Dumont had the ball!

Tyler is the team's star player (and my next door neighbor). Now maybe the Rockets had a chance. I glanced up at the clock and gulped; 10 seconds left.

Tyler dribbled down the court. The only thing that was standing between Tyler, the game-winning basket, and a trip to the championship was a tall Townsend defenseman, Derek Freeman. Tyler faked to the right. Derek didn't fall for it. Tyler tried a quick dodge to the left. Derek blocked him.

"Tyler, I'm open!"

Everyone turned and looked. Nathan Henderson had sprinted away from his defender and was waving his arms. Tyler chucked the ball at Nathan.

Nathan reached for the ball, got control of it, and threw the ball up into the air.

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