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Mystery Party

Decorations: In one room, set up the “scene of the crime.” See Games: 'Whodunit'.

Favors: You can either pass out the favors or have a treasure hunt where you can follow clues that lead you to the treasure—the favors. To make it really spooky, you can do it when it's dark and use flashlights. You could even play some scary music if you want.

Preparation: Make one room the scene of the crime. Hide clues in different places. Place enough clues so that the guests can figure out 'whodunit', but don't give them too many, or it will be too easy. Make a list of suspects. If you can get your siblings or parents to act the part of each suspect, then you can have the guests interview them.

Play: Tell the guests some kind of story about what happened. Tell them that they are going to search for clues to try to piece together who did it. Give them each a list of the suspects. The first person to figure it out wins.

'Mafia': (4-5+ people needed. The more, the better.)
Play: Choose one person to be the Narrator. The Narrator stands up. Everyone else sits in a circle around the Narrator. The Narrator tells everyone to close their eyes. If you want to, the Narrator can make up a story about a murder. The Narrator picks one person to be the Mafia. (Say: “I will now choose the Mafia,” and tap the person on the knee or head) DO the same to pick the Doctor and the Sheriff.
The Narrator says “Mafia awake,” and the chosen Mafia opens his/her eyes and points to someone—the victim. The Narrator says, “Mafia, go back to sleep.” Then, “Doctor awake” and the Doctor opens his/her eyes and chooses someone to save. Then the doctor goes back to sleep and the Sheriff wakes up. The Sheriff chooses someone to arrest. The Narrator nods if the Sheriff picks the Mafia, then the Sheriff goes back to sleep.
Then the Narrator says, “Everyone awake,” The Narrator tells everyone what happened. If the Doctor picked the 'victim' to save, then there was no murder and you play again. If the Doctor did not save the victim, then everyone has to give an alibi of where they were the night before. After that, everyone votes on who they want to arrest The person with the most votes is arrested. If the Mafia is arrested, then the game is over (You can play again if you want). If the Mafia is not arrested, then you can play again with the same Mafia, Doctor and Sheriff.

Murder in the Dark:
Preparation: Cut little slips of paper. Leave all of them blank except two. On one, write 'Detective'. On the other, write 'Murderer'.
Play: Everyone picks a paper. No one should show what they have on their paper except the Detective, who shows everyone what he/she has. The Detective takes the flashlight, then closes his/her eyes and waits. Everyone else starts to walk around. The Murderer walks up to someone and taps them on the shoulder. The person who was tapped waits five seconds, then screams or yells “Detective,” and falls to the ground. The Detective turns on the flashlight and walks over to the Victim. The Detective asks everyone questions, like “Did you see this happen?” “Are you the Murderer?”, etc. Everyone has to tell the truth except the Murderer, who has to lie. The Detective has to try to figure out who the Murderer is.

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